Autumn Mood Board Inspiration

Rich colors and textures inspired by autumn. Check out this moodboard >>

Here in Colorado we’ve been having some uncharacteristically cool nights (which is a-ok with me since I’m 9 months pregnant without AC). As much as I love being able to go barefoot  and all of the yummy berries that summer brings – I have to say I’m loving this crisp morning air. 

This month’s mood board is directly inspired by those thoughts of autumn right around the corner. Leaves changing, pumpkin patches, curling up with fuzzy sweaters. All of it sounds good to me! 

I’m also really into these super rich autumn colors. Feels so nice :) 

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Mood Board Inspiration”

  1. Loving the fall colors, but wishing our summer was going to last a touch longer! It went by way too fast!

    1. It did go fast! Maybe we’ll get a nice indian summer into September? I can’t believe kids are already almost back in school :(

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