5 Signs You Need to Re-brand

5 Signs You Need to Re-brand


Are you feeling like a re-brand might be calling your name?

Sometimes it’s hard to know if you truly will benefit from a re-brand right now or if you just have a case of Shiny Object Syndrome. Below are 5 signs you really should invest time and energy in a re-brand. 


You are too embarrassed to share your website, biz cards and other marketing material. 

In order to “make-it” in business you’re going to have to up-your game when it comes to promoting yourself. You need to make connections, share your website, go to networking events, etc. But you can’t bring yourself to do any of those things because you’re terrified people will see what a mess your branding is. 

You physically won’t be able to grow your business until you feel like your branding is more polished, professional and memorable. You need to clear this mental roadblock before you can forge ahead with confidence. 


You have fine-tuned your Signature Design Style and your branding doesn’t reflect your new look. 

When you started out in business you were still discovering your style and honing your approach. Now that you’ve been in business a while and have a number projects under your belt you’re confident you’ve finally found your signature design style. 

Clients are coming to you for your unique “look”, but your original branding doesn’t reflect your signature look. You’re afraid you’re sending a mixed message and confusing people. You desperately want to present a cohesive style to potential clients and the design community. Updating your brand will achieve that.  


Your branding looks like it’s from a different decade (and not in a good way).  

You’ve had your head down serving clients, building your portfolio and growing your business for years. Somewhere between material boards and growing your team your branding went out of style. 

Your logo brings back a feeling of the ’80s or ’90s with it’s clunky look. You’re afraid people will think your career peaked a decade ago. You want something that feels current and fresh. It’s time to re-brand your look and join the present day. 


You’re trying to appeal to a high-end crowd but your branding feels cheap. 

Your target market is a high-end crowd but you’re not attracting as many of these clients as you’d like. You’re afraid that your brand identity looks cheap and it’s sending a message that your work is lacking quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.  

You know you need a logo and brand identity that reflects the values your ideal clients want to see. You need something refined with high-design, sophistication and good taste. 


You’re up-leveling your business. 

Things have been chugging along nicely for a while and you’re feeling like it’s time to take your business to the next level. Maybe you’re expanding to a new market, raising your rates, launching a new product or gearing up for a big pitch? Whatever it is you’re going to be in-front of a new audience.

Making a good first impression to your new audience is crucial to your success. This is THE time to put your best foot forward and make a good impression. You’ve had re-branding in the back of your mind for a while, now is the time to capitalize on that your big push and make a splash. 

Sound familiar? 

Do any of the above scenarios sound like you? If so, re-branding could be the most strategic and important move you make towards reaching your goals this year. 

Moving forward with your re-brand? 

Going to DIY-it? Start by getting clear and gathering inspiration. If you need help with how and where to find inspiration check out this post

Thinking about hiring someone? If you think I might be a good fit check out my brand identity package and book a free discovery here





Regardless of whether you’re developing your brand right now or have a long-standing brand identity in place, it’s a good idea to have a brand style guide. 

What is a brand style guide? 

A brand style guide is a quick reference visual guide that communicates not only the look and feel of your brand, but also provides basic specifications for your brand assets (logo, colors, fonts, patterns). 

Below is an example of the style guides I put together for my branding clients. 

Free brand style guide template download.

What you need to include. 

At the very least you need to include these three things on your sheet: 

  1. Your logo. 
  2. Color palette with Hex numbers. 
  3. Primary and secondary fonts. 
Why you need a brand style guide. 

Regardless of whether you’re a one-woman shop, or have a team and are growing everyday, it’s a good idea to have a brand style guide. Below are four reasons it will make your life easier and ensure you stay on-brand as you grow: 

  1. Make sure your branding elements looks good together. 
  2. Make sure team members use the right fonts and colors so your branding stays consistent. 
  3. Ensure outside contractors (videographers, designers, etc.) get your look and vibe so you don’t miss the mark when creating new material. 
  4. Use internally as a guide when developing new programs or products to make sure all of your offerings look cohesive so you can continue to build brand recognition. 

As you can see, it may take a few minutes to put your brand style guide together, but it will save you time and headaches as you grow your biz. 

Ready to create your own brand style guide? 

I just got back from vacation, so I’m in great mood and feeling super generous :) 

Me and Will at the beach on South Padre Island!

SO…to save you time and energy, I’m giving you the very same template I use for my clients. My team and I already worked to create something that is attractive and effective, so why reinvent the wheel, right? 

>> Click to download your FREE BRAND STYLE GUIDE TEMPLATE << 

How it works.
  1. Click the link to download your FREE template.  
  2. Open the PDF in Adobe photoshop, illustrator or another design tool of your choice. 
  3. Plug in your assets, colors and fonts into the spaces provided. 

Cheers to growing your business in style! 



>> Click to download your FREE BRAND STYLE GUIDE TEMPLATE << 

3 Unexpected Places to Find Branding Inspiration

3 Unexpected Places to Find Branding Inspiration

Where to find branding inspiration

Are you trying to brand your business but feeling totally lost and uninspired? Are you’re frustrated because you can’t find branding inspiration that feels like ‘you’? 

If so, you’re not alone. The number one thing I hear from my clients is their desire to have branding that feels like them and communicates their personality. 

But if you’re looking for examples to pass along to a designer (or use to DIY-it) and nothing you’re coming across feels right, it can be really frustrating. 

Where you’ve likely gone wrong: 

Have you taken the advice of ‘just hop onto Pinterest and start pinning examples of things you like’? You’ve searched for logos and color palettes. You’ve pinned a ton of branding examples, but it’s a mess. It’s all over the place and none of it feels right. You don’t see YOU in there anywhere. 

THE PROBLEM: You jumped to pinning branding examples too quickly. 

I have an inside secret for you… Talented designers pull all kinds of inspiration from unexpected sources (nature, music, fashion, food, etc.) before even thinking about designing your logo.


Because talented designers create logos and color palettes inspired by meaningful imagery that is carefully selected to evoke a unique feeling and tell a story. They don’t just copy and tweak a logo that they pinned from someone else. 

Creating from an inspired place is how you end up with a brand that has heart and soul. 

So if what you have feels empty, it’s likely because you are missing that key inspirational image that resonates with you and evokes something special. 

Where to find your key inspirational image: 

THE SOLUTION: Stop thinking about branding at all and start looking for images that light you up. 

What are you passionate about? This could be nature, architecture, gemstones. Anything really! 

My 3 favorite go-to sources for inspiration: 


I love using fashion as inspiration for branding because fashion is such a personal preference and tells so much of who you are. Fashion has the power to feel light and romantic or edgy and rough.

Below are three images that resonate with me, yours might be totally different! 

How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest
How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest
How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest

No. 2 : Interior Design

Interior design was my first design love. I used to stay up all night when I was a kid re-arranging my bedroom and drawing floor plans. I studied interior architecture in college and over 10 years later it still lights me up.

One of the questions I ask all of my branding clients is, ‘What is your dream home? Describe it to me.’ I strongly believe that the spaces we choose to live (or wish we could live) tell us a lot about ourselves. What would your dream home look like? 

How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest
How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest
How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest

No. 3 : Art

Artwork is also something that is such a personal preference and can say so much about who you are. Do you like modern art? Or traditional art? Things that are whimsical and playful or serious subject matter? Do you gravitate to specific color palettes when it comes to art? 

Below are three illustrative examples of art. Start thinking about what artwork speaks to you and gather examples. 

How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest
How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest
How to find branding inspiration
source: Pinterest / by me! (Yes, I also love to do illustration work.)

Your turn! 

If these three sources speak to you, great! Then you might have a lot of luck finding images on my Pinterest boards. If not, make a list of everything you’re passionate about and start searching for images.

I think Pinterest is a great resource because they have such a vast library of visuals, but if tangible things make you feel inspired, don’t feel limited to online resources. Go check out magazines, the library, your local museum, movies, fliers, street signs, etc.

At this point, don’t limit yourself. The skies the limit! 



Solid Gold Awesome

Solid Gold Awesome

How ridiculous is the local news? 

So ridiculous. 

I still remember the first time I really understood how insane it is. Sitting in my college dorm room with our little white tv/VCR combo tuned to the news, and this… 

Coverage of the Annual Eugene Cat Fashion Show.  

I’m sorry, what?! 

Yep. And chances are your town has one too. For reals. 

But here’s the more insane part: PEOPLE WERE THERE! Cats, people, fashion, news crews. 


My point today is brief.

No matter how insane you feel. No matter how stupid your idea may seem. There are people who will be interested, genuinely care and love you for it.

Whether you’re starting a business that preserves your kid’s first poo in gold or are creating marajuana products for dogs (ps. I know someone involved in doing exactly that!), there is a market for it. 

So…Get out there. Do your thing. Don’t question your insanity. 

Just look at me: 

Local Cat Fashion Show winner, Libby Bryant & Fluff

cat: Persian (actually I don’t know, but that sounds fancy)
jewelry: Chanel
scarf: Pucci
sneaks: NIKE
leash: solid gold awesome





DO THE WORK graphic by Libby Bryant, LIBBY Co.

I am far from an expert on getting things done. Most of my life I’ve been more of the creative type that does my work when the moment of inspiration strikes. 

The problem with that style of working and trying to run a business with a family is that…well…it doesn’t work. 


If you’re still working only when inspiration strikes, you likely feel overwhelmed and worried. You probably have a massive to-do list that grows every day. You spend more time dreaming of new projects than doing work on the previous schemes that need to get done.

That was me too. 

But as I’ve matured in my business (guys, I’m so mature!), I’ve come to appreciate the skill of summoning the inspiration through the act of DOING THE WORK.

HERE’S THE BIG TRICK: if it’s on my calendar…I do the work. Regardless of whether I’m feeling it or not. Mind blowing right? 

For creatives, this idea can be mind blowing. It goes against everything in our body. But it’s crucial if you want to succeed at your craft. It’s crucial if you want to take yourself from amateur to professional. 


My uninspired self tells me that doing work when I’m not ready will definitely result in crappy work. But my more seasoned self knows otherwise. 

A funny thing happens when I force myself to DO THE WORK even when I’m not inspired. I become inspired in the process. It’s totally counter-intuitive. But it’s true. 

In fact, I’ve been so strict at forcing myself to do the work lately that I actually became inspired to create this masterpiece .gif below. 

Backstory: In 2015 before my iPhone had time-lapse video, I made Paul take a whole series of still photos of me doing this amazing snow angel with the intention of making an animated gif. Well…two years later, after the inspiration had LONG passed I FINALLY took those photos off my phone and got around to doing it.

Aren’t you so grateful I’ve finally developed this DO THE WORK mentality?? ;) What would you have done if I never created this .gif?! Horrible. Right? 

This is obviously a silly example. And a totally pointless video. But this silly quick project that had been sitting unaccomplished and taking up mental energy was in it’s small way undermining my power. 

Brilliant snow angel


What unfinished projects do you have laying around that are taking up your mental energy and undermining your finish power? 

Just think of all of the awesomeness that you’re depriving the world of if you’re waiting around for inspiration to strike! 

So, next time you want to run from your task list because you’re not in the mood or afraid you aren’t ready to create – don’t run. Sit down and DO THE WORK.

I promise you’ll find inspiration on the way. 

ps. feel free to click on the DO THE WORK graphic at the top of the post to download as a daily reminder :) 



Sharable Valentines Card


Sharable Valentines Day Card

Hi Loves, 

Happy Valentines! I hope you have a wonderful day full of Xs and Os!! 

Consider this my virtual hug to you – and if you haven’t spread the love to your people yet, feel free to grab the above graphic and share it with everyone you adore. Just click the image to download.




D  R  E  A  M  I  N  G 

Spring Dreaming Graphic by Libby Bryant

Is it spring yet? Or better yet…summer? 

Around the same time every year it comes: February. Ugh. 

You might love February, but I do not. Each year, without warning it hits me. The ‘I can’t wait for winter to be over panic.’

This year is no exception. Up until this week, it’s felt like a particularly dreary winter here in Colorado. 

Maybe it’s because we don’t have any fun warm getaways planned? Maybe it actually has been more gray than normal? Maybe it’s just because chasing a toddler is exhausting and I need a heavy dose of vit-D? 

Whatever it is, I’m tired of it. 

This weekend we got two days of sunshine and it was like some sort of miracle. So… just like the Freshman at University of Oregon do on the first day of sun and 50 degree weather we put on our short-shorts and skipped class to play frisbee. 

Ahh…kidding. We did the 30-something married with child version and went to the Botanic Gardens to pretend that everything wasn’t brown.


Here’s what the mac n’ cheese looks like at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Yummy. 

Nothing was blooming yet (obviously it’s still the dead of winter), but the indoor orchid show and amazing citrus trees in the greenhouse gave me major spring fever.  

There’s nothing like a perfectly sunny day to get you thinking about spring bulbs, planting gardens and new sunglasses! 

My favorite part of spring is getting to finally open up all the windows and breath in the fresh spring air. 

What’s your favorite part of spring dreaming?!?



p.s. Want to grab a free version of this  D R E A M I N G  graphic? Click the image below.

LibbyBryant Spring Dreaming Graphic