BRAND MAKEOVER: Jessica M. Castle

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I’m super excited to introduce you to Jessica Castle, one of my most recent clients.

Jessica is an online launch genius (my title for her, not hers). Savvy entrepreneurs flock to Jessica for help launching online programs and products so they can maximize profits and minimize stress. And she’s crazy good at what she does! 

Jessica came to me wanting a big upgrade. Her old branding wasn’t speaking to her ideal client or commanding the prices she deserved. Together we did a head-to-toe brand makeover and full website overhaul. 

  • LOGOS . new custom logo design and secondary mark 
  • COLOR PALETTE . custom color styling including metallics 
  • PATTERNS . 3 custom brand patterns 
  • FONTS . font curation 
  • WEBSITE . complete website re-design with 11 custom designed pages 
  • SOCIAL ASSETS . 4 on-brand social media templates and profile graphics

Check out Jessica’s thoughts on her big upgrade: 

What were your goals for the re-brand and new website? 
The biggest priority with my re-brand and website was to erase all reference to the old title/business model I was using, and make sure I had a clean site that represented the new direction and client. 
My second goal was that I really wanted to be able to raise my prices. And while I had the skills and expertise to do so, I wanted to make sure my branding reflected that investment as well. 
And my third goal was just to make everything look more authentic, to get rid of the theme and have branding and photos that looked and felt like me – just dressed a little nicer than my usual work sweats :)
Does your new brand and site help you achieve those goals? 
Absolutely! My new branding and website feels warm, welcoming and kind, as well as it instantly gives people that feeling of knowing me and making them feel like we’ve known each other for awhile. 
It also looks very easy-luxury, which definitely makes me think I could charge 2x what I’m doing now and that this branding and website will last for many years to come. 
What else?
I’m not someone who is super good at making graphics or describing how I want certain things to look, but Libby got my vision from Day 1! I also trusted her implicitly and gave her a lot of free reign to make me look good – and she did just that!
I couldn’t be happier with how everything came together and I’ve received nothing but rave reviews since the website launched last week – everyone loves it!  

If you want to learn more about Jessica and her magical launch powers, check out her site


Learn more about working together and check out my packages here.  



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