It’s wedding season! And shower season, and baby season and birthday season. (Or at least it feels that way over here.)

Sometimes I have cards on-hand to pull out of my hat, but most of the time I don’t. And when that happens at the 11th hour, the last thing I want to do is spend precious time going in search of the perfect card.

If you’re like me, I’ve got your card delinquency problem covered.

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DO THE WORK graphic by Libby Bryant, LIBBY Co.

I am far from an expert on getting things done. Most of my life I’ve been more of the creative type that does my work when the moment of inspiration strikes. 

The problem with that style of working and trying to run a business with a family is that…well…it doesn’t work. 


If you’re still working only when inspiration strikes, you likely feel overwhelmed and worried. You probably have a massive to-do list that grows every day. You spend more time dreaming of new projects than doing work on the previous schemes that need to get done.

That was me too. 

But as I’ve matured in my business (guys, I’m so mature!), I’ve come to appreciate the skill of summoning the inspiration through the act of DOING THE WORK.

HERE’S THE BIG TRICK: if it’s on my calendar…I do the work. Regardless of whether I’m feeling it or not. Mind blowing right? 

For creatives, this idea can be mind blowing. It goes against everything in our body. But it’s crucial if you want to succeed at your craft. It’s crucial if you want to take yourself from amateur to professional. 


My uninspired self tells me that doing work when I’m not ready will definitely result in crappy work. But my more seasoned self knows otherwise. 

A funny thing happens when I force myself to DO THE WORK even when I’m not inspired. I become inspired in the process. It’s totally counter-intuitive. But it’s true. 

In fact, I’ve been so strict at forcing myself to do the work lately that I actually became inspired to create this masterpiece .gif below. 

Backstory: In 2015 before my iPhone had time-lapse video, I made Paul take a whole series of still photos of me doing this amazing snow angel with the intention of making an animated gif. Well…two years later, after the inspiration had LONG passed I FINALLY took those photos off my phone and got around to doing it.

Aren’t you so grateful I’ve finally developed this DO THE WORK mentality?? ;) What would you have done if I never created this .gif?! Horrible. Right? 

This is obviously a silly example. And a totally pointless video. But this silly quick project that had been sitting unaccomplished and taking up mental energy was in it’s small way undermining my power. 

Brilliant snow angel


What unfinished projects do you have laying around that are taking up your mental energy and undermining your finish power? 

Just think of all of the awesomeness that you’re depriving the world of if you’re waiting around for inspiration to strike! 

So, next time you want to run from your task list because you’re not in the mood or afraid you aren’t ready to create – don’t run. Sit down and DO THE WORK.

I promise you’ll find inspiration on the way. 

ps. feel free to click on the DO THE WORK graphic at the top of the post to download as a daily reminder :) 



Sharable Valentines Card


Sharable Valentines Day Card

Hi Loves, 

Happy Valentines! I hope you have a wonderful day full of Xs and Os!! 

Consider this my virtual hug to you – and if you haven’t spread the love to your people yet, feel free to grab the above graphic and share it with everyone you adore. Just click the image to download.




D  R  E  A  M  I  N  G 

Spring Dreaming Graphic by Libby Bryant

Is it spring yet? Or better yet…summer? 

Around the same time every year it comes: February. Ugh. 

You might love February, but I do not. Each year, without warning it hits me. The ‘I can’t wait for winter to be over panic.’

This year is no exception. Up until this week, it’s felt like a particularly dreary winter here in Colorado. 

Maybe it’s because we don’t have any fun warm getaways planned? Maybe it actually has been more gray than normal? Maybe it’s just because chasing a toddler is exhausting and I need a heavy dose of vit-D? 

Whatever it is, I’m tired of it. 

This weekend we got two days of sunshine and it was like some sort of miracle. So… just like the Freshman at University of Oregon do on the first day of sun and 50 degree weather we put on our short-shorts and skipped class to play frisbee. 

Ahh…kidding. We did the 30-something married with child version and went to the Botanic Gardens to pretend that everything wasn’t brown.


Here’s what the mac n’ cheese looks like at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Yummy. 

Nothing was blooming yet (obviously it’s still the dead of winter), but the indoor orchid show and amazing citrus trees in the greenhouse gave me major spring fever.  

There’s nothing like a perfectly sunny day to get you thinking about spring bulbs, planting gardens and new sunglasses! 

My favorite part of spring is getting to finally open up all the windows and breath in the fresh spring air. 

What’s your favorite part of spring dreaming?!?



p.s. Want to grab a free version of this  D R E A M I N G  graphic? Click the image below.

LibbyBryant Spring Dreaming Graphic