Above mood board created by Trudi Roach in Mood Board Masterclass. 

If you’re working on developing your brand image, you’re likely gathering images and trying to figure out how to communicate what you’re all about in an easy and beautiful way. 

Once you have all of the perfect images, then putting them into a styled mood board can make all of the difference. Here’s why… 

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With so many people connecting online, you may be hearing more and more that business cards are dying. But as a designer who still meets face-to-face with clients you need business cards now more than ever.

Your business card is both a physical takeaway that helps your potential client remember you, AND a symbol of your style. In your profession (with your type of clients), that’s a BIG deal. 

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Regardless of whether you’re developing your brand right now or have a long-standing brand identity in place, it’s a good idea to have a brand style guide. 

What is a brand style guide? 

A brand style guide is a quick reference visual guide that communicates not only the look and feel of your brand, but also provides basic specifications for your brand assets (logo, colors, fonts, patterns). 

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Frustrated that your social media channels don’t look stylish and put together? 

You see everyone else posting these beautiful quotes to their pages and yours is a bit of a mess. 

Would it be easier to look stylish on your social media channels if you had pre-done gorgeous customizable templates?

To make you feel a bit better about what you’re putting out into the world we created this super simple, super stylish #plantlady meme template. And it’s completely free!

You like? 


Next steps…

  1. Download the .zip file here —-> GET YOUR FREE DESIGNER TEMPLATE
  2. Double click to unpack the .zip 
  3. Open the file in Photoshop 
  4. Place your logo, customize the quote or add your own info. 
  5. Save as a .jpg and voila!

You’re looking more gorgeous online already. Nice. 

Obviously one beautiful graphic won’t change everything about your social feed. But the small upgrade is a start. 


Need more help? 

I’d love to hear from you if you need more help with how to work with the template. Or are you completely lost with how to even open the file? Shoot me an email and let me know what help you need. I’m here for you! 



Free STOP TALKING SH** wallpaper download

Free STOP TALKING SH** wallpaper download

Are you about to burst from disbelief and disgust over this political season?

I know I am. 

If you’re a lover (which you obviously are because your’e here), then you probably cannot understand why someone with so much hate and judgement for others could be getting so much traction from the American people. It just makes no sense. 

My first instinct is to get pissed and start talking sh** about people. But when my more wise self takes over I realize that doesn’t do any good.


The truth is that when someone talks about other people, expresses hate or passes out judgement, it’s most likely a result of being insecure and fearful. 

  1. The first step is to recognize this unhealthy pattern, both in ourselves and others.
  2. The second step is to shift the conversation.

But how?  

Sometimes the gentlest reminders can be all we need to make that shift. 


Start with yourself…

Do YOU sometimes pass judgements or talk about other people without even realizing it? 

I know I can find myself doing that – and I always try to stop, but it can be hard. 

When you find yourself falling into that pattern, STOP. Try to catch yourself mid-thought and just stop. 


Then nudge those around you…

Do you know anyone who’s default is to talk about other people? Or someone who feels like it’s their place to pass out judgement? 

I know a few. And I’m sure you do too. 

This can be more tricky. You need to find your way of responding to this, but to get you started here are a few things I do: shift the conversation, walk away, simply say “I’m not comfortable with this conversation”.

For people you’re comfortable with, I recommend asking the person why they have so much fear around the topic. They may not respond well, and thats okay. It’s a win if it gets them thinking about the situation from another angle. 

What happens if we let these discussions continue? 

The problem is that when left unaddressed these seemingly small discussions will lead to more divide, more judgement and more hate. I know none of us want that. 

So, let’s stop it. Right now. 

It is your responsibility to keep yourself and those around you in check by reminding yourself, family, friends and colleagues that talking about people (no matter what the conversation is) doesn’t do any good. 

Together let’s shift the discussions happening in our lives FROM talking about people TO talking about ideas. 

So, are you with me? Okay then! Let’s start spreading the word. 

(ps. This is especially important for people in toxic work environments. If you work in a toxic environment, or know someone that does, I challenge you to get your whole office to take this on. If you don’t shift that negative energy, it might never change.)

Next Step:

CLICK on the images below to download your FREE wallpaper. Set them on all of your devices to serve as a reminder. 


Okay, that’s it for now. This fun but serious free wallpaper quote won’t solve all of our problems and turn the whole world into a love machine. But hopefully it’s a start.