Last month I started a new monthly series with mood board inspiration. If you missed it, go check out that first mood board and here about my inspiration and intentions for the series. 

This month I thought I’d do an all gold mood board. One, because gold is amazing. And two, because over the past few years I’ve found a lot of branding clients wanting to infuse more gold into their overall style. 

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3 Unexpected Places to Find Branding Inspiration

Are you trying to brand your business but feeling totally lost and uninspired? Are you’re frustrated because you can’t find branding inspiration that feels like ‘you’? 

If so, you’re not alone. The number one thing I hear from my clients is their desire to have branding that feels like them and communicates their personality. 

But if you’re looking for examples to pass along to a designer (or use to DIY-it) and nothing you’re coming across feels right, it can be really frustrating. 

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Solid Gold Awesome

How ridiculous is the local news? 

So ridiculous. 

I still remember the first time I really understood how insane it is. Sitting in my college dorm room with our little white tv/VCR combo tuned to the news, and this… 

Coverage of the Annual Eugene Cat Fashion Show.  

I’m sorry, what?! 

Yep. And chances are your town has one too. For reals. 

But here’s the more insane part: PEOPLE WERE THERE! Cats, people, fashion, news crews. 


My point today is brief.

No matter how insane you feel. No matter how stupid your idea may seem. There are people who will be interested, genuinely care and love you for it.

Whether you’re starting a business that preserves your kid’s first poo in gold or are creating marajuana products for dogs (ps. I know someone involved in doing exactly that!), there is a market for it. 

So…Get out there. Do your thing. Don’t question your insanity. 

Just look at me: 

Local Cat Fashion Show winner, Libby Bryant & Fluff

cat: Persian (actually I don’t know, but that sounds fancy)
jewelry: Chanel
scarf: Pucci
sneaks: NIKE
leash: solid gold awesome