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Above mood board created by Trudi Roach in Mood Board Masterclass. 

If you’re working on developing your brand image, you’re likely gathering images and trying to figure out how to communicate what you’re all about in an easy and beautiful way. 

Once you have all of the perfect images, then putting them into a styled mood board can make all of the difference. Here’s why… 

1. Having a mood board makes all of your visuals a piece of cake

Once you have your mood board nailed down everything else can easily fall into place. You can choose colors from your images, select fonts that evoke the feelings in your board and use the overall vibe as a guide when looking for (and taking) your own photography for your site and social media. There’s no more hemming and hawing over picking your color palette or weeks of being stuck trying to figure out what fonts you want when you use your mood board as a guide. 

2. It forces you to commit

If you’ve been in the branding or re-branding phase for a few weeks (or even months…eek!) at this point you’ve likely gotten into your head and are second guessing everything. When branding is a work-in-progress it can often be used as an excuse for not moving forward elsewhere in your business. Putting your images into a Mood Board will force you to commit and move forward so that you can actually start bringing in that money. (We like that!). 

3. Easily communicate your vibe to team members 

As your business grows you may start to outsource things like social media graphics, managing your Pinterest account or keeping up with your blog. Having a mood board allows you to easily communicate your visual brand vibe so that someone can understand in a minute. Instead of getting frustrated that they’re missing the mark, let your mood board inform and inspire them to get your vibe right. 

Are you ready to get your brand nailed down? 


Not sure how to pick images that go together AND feel like the vibe your’e after? Pop your questions in the comments! 



FREE Mood Board Template. Click to download now >>
FREE Mood Board Template. Click to download now >>