JULY MOOD BOARD: Baby Girl Nursery

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Antique Floral Pull Down Chart / Babyletto Lolly Crib / Womb Chair / Square Loomed RugWatercolor Rose Quilt 


As you may know, I’m pregnant and expecting baby no.2 next month. And although this post is about a baby girl nursery, I’m not actually having a girl. Well…the truth is I don’t know. 

With Will we found out the gender, but this time around it’s going to be a surprise. Which is both exciting and slightly challenging (when it comes to the nursery). 

Putting together a gender neutral nursery seems easy, right? Yes, it totally would be, if I didn’t deep-down want to buy more girly stuff :) 

The problem comes into play when I’m faced with spending. If I’m going to put money towards something then I want to buy what I want. I don’t want to buy something that is a secondary choice just because I need it. 

What’s a girl to do? 


Instead of spending money on a bunch of gray and yellow stuff, I’m going to get the major items in neutrals that I love (which happens to be cream and white) and then fill in the rest after baby arrives. 

Major items that will be able to swing either way: 

  • Babyletto Lolly crib in white 
  • Womb Chair in cream (We already had this from Will’s room.  It has been covered with a quilt for it’s whole life out of fear that it will get ruined by the babes, but it’s the most comfortable for nursing. Eventually it will graduate to a place in our home where it can get unveiled.) 
  • Loomed jute and wool rug (This is on it’s way currently.) 

Items that I’ll wait to buy until I know who baby is: 

  • Bedding / Crib sheets (I’ll probably get a plain white to have.) 
  • Changing pad cover 
  • Artwork 

To make life easier I plan on having everything picked out in advance. That way when the time comes I can just purchase! 


Everything came together pretty easy for the girl option above. I love mixing vintage pieces with modern design and the botanical educational posters feel perfect with a mix of plants (which we already have a TON of).

Next up I’ll be looking at boy stuff and putting together a board for that. I’ve been trying to find some cool vintage rodeo posters with not much luck – so, the search continues! 


Would you have  a hard time doing a gender neutral nursery? Or would you want to buy gender specific stuff like me? 



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    1. Most people have guessed boy Carla! Boys are a blast so I wouldn’t mind in the least. But girl clothes are WAY cuter :)

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