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I’ve decided to have more fun in my business. (Yay!) Which means I’ll be doing more of what I love. One of those things is to create and curate beautiful things. 

For you that means more INSPIRATION coming your way. 

I’m still exploring how this will ultimately take shape on the blog, but what I do know is that I’ll now be sharing monthly inspirational mood boards. 


. Inspiration for your brand or next design project
. Pretty pictures
. Sample color palettes
. Concept vibes
. Ideas to swipe
. more

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I have a confession to make. This first mood board is for LIBBY Co.

The truth is I never started at the beginning when it came to branding my own biz. I had all of these ideas and I knew what I liked, but nothing was curated, really dialed-in and committed to.

Of course, I do this for my clients, but I never did it for myself. 

As a result, I felt like a bit of a mess. I had inconsistencies and never really felt like I was nailing the visual style I wanted.

But instead of doing the work, starting at square-one by pulling imagery and ruthlessly editing it down imagery into a mood board, I was just hoping that one of the things I was trying along the way would jump out at me and I would move forward happy.

That was pretty silly of me, I know better. It never happened. 

So, for this first mood board, I decided to do the work for myself. I couldn’t be happier! I feel like I totally nailed the vibe and aesthetic I was going for. It couldn’t feel more right. 

Now, moving forward, I have a strong roadmap to gauge design decisions and stay on-brand with how I want to look.

If you’re feeling like your brand is a bit of a mess and you just aren’t loving it, maybe you would benefit taking a few steps back and creating a mood board you love?

Need a jumpstart?

Like the layout I used above? Just click the image below to find a post where you can download the exact template I designed (and it’s free!).

Free mood board template download.



4 thoughts on “MONTHLY MOOD BOARD 01”

  1. i want to hire you to design my whole life, please!!!

    i love moodboards. baiyina makes these for client projects in photoshop. the only way i can kinda make one is on pinterest but this looks so much cooler.

    anyhoo i loooooove it.

    carla xo

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